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"Just better than the older ones"

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I have used these pictures in two of my computers and I have fell in love with these pictures. One thing I like about the wallpapers that are included in the OS that windows creates is that the newer the OS, the better the pictures. And so the pictures in this wallpaper pack are way better than that of windows vista, windows xp and other Windows OS. They are very clear, are very easy to install except for the part that they are in rar format. if you do not have Winrar, Winzip or other archivers that support rar formats, you will not be able to use these pictures.

These pictures are great. you can try them

  • -Easy to install, just extract, view with pic viewers, right click and set as desktop background
  • -clarity
  • -sharpness
  • -RAR format- needs to be unzipped by an archiver

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22 Feb 2009

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